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ornament1We have a cross mix of ages & ethnic groups from infants to seniors and everything in between.  There is a nursery for the entire service, and a kids ministry (JK – Gr 6) that runs the last half of the morning service, hopefully giving you the peace of mind to enjoy the festivities.

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ornament1 Check out the audio messages on various topics by various speakers and in depth look at the bible and what it has to say, as well as practical advice for our everyday lives… such as Why Are We Here?, Did God Hear My Prayer?,Who Am I – Finding Your True Identity, Why God? What To Do When The Brook Runs and more

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ornament1Featured Events: Detailed info… this section provides details of these items signups for volunteering or attending and the like., whether it be a community event, a combined event with other not-for-profits such as A Hand Up Clothing Room or The Great Giveaway or one of the fabulous food events which happen throughout the year. Calendar: A snapshot if you will, something for the fridge… of the comings and goings of all the regular groups and annual events. Weekly Bulletin in .PDF

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ornament1There’s lots of groups from newborns to great grandparents and everyone in-between. Groups by age (such as Kids – JK – Grade 6 Jr. High / Sr. High) to groups by Category such as: Small Groups which meet weekly, to Women’s Groups , Men’s Groups, Young at Heart 50+ and yes even Food Groups (food events throughout the year) as well as various other events.

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It all starts out so innocently and the next thing you know it’s a tangled mess… This weeks message navigates through this tricky terrain.

Our story in Joshua 22 tells us of the soldiers of Israel who after fighting with there fellow countrymen had to face being on the other side of the Jordan and isolated from them by water and mountains made them feel they had to create a large altar to worship and feel still a part of their original homeland.Their intentions were good but they were misunderstood.

For thousands of years men of God have been misunderstood.
Jesus himself was one of the most misunderstood people on planet earth.
His great love and power that he demonstrated to us by his healing the sick and raising the dead was too much for mortal man to handle while they were searching for a King with earthly wisdom Christ chose on this marvelous day to come into town on a donkey colt.Palm Sunday is when he chose to teach us humility.Christ died for the misunderstood…

Still Breathing? Haven’t kicked the bucket yet?… Good. Tag you’re it… “Life’s greatest achievements can come in old age, and there is no retirement age in the service of God”. J. Oswald Sanders. Caleb was 85 years of age He had not lost interest in life. He wanted his inheritance which God had promised, and he was prepared to engage the enemy.
He refused to stop living until he was dead.

To download the sermon goto: vimeo.com/bbcsermons