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What to Expect on a Sunday?

ornament1We have a cross mix of ages & ethnic groups from infants to seniors and everything in between.  There is a nursery for the entire service, and a kids ministry (JK – Gr 6) that runs the last half of the morning service, hopefully giving you the peace of mind to enjoy the festivities.

Media | Audio Messages

ornament1 Check out the audio messages on various topics by various speakers and in depth look at the bible and what it has to say, as well as practical advice for our everyday lives… such as Why Are We Here?, Did God Hear My Prayer?,Who Am I – Finding Your True Identity, Why God? What To Do When The Brook Runs and more

Calendar & Events

ornament1Featured Events: Detailed info… this section provides details of these items signups for volunteering or attending and the like., whether it be a community event, a combined event with other not-for-profits such as A Hand Up Clothing Room or The Great Giveaway or one of the fabulous food events which happen throughout the year. Calendar: A snapshot if you will, something for the fridge… of the comings and goings of all the regular groups and annual events. Weekly Bulletin in .PDF

What Do You Do?

ornament1There’s lots of groups from newborns to great grandparents and everyone in-between. Groups by age (such as Kids – JK – Grade 6 Jr. High / Sr. High) to groups by Category such as: Small Groups which meet weekly, to Women’s Groups , Men’s Groups, Young at Heart 50+ and yes even Food Groups (food events throughout the year) as well as various other events.

Upcoming Events

What's new?

Help Deck the Halls at BBC
Christmas Decorating Party 2014

Sat., Nov. 29th, 9 am to noon

Speak to Stan & Marilyn N for info

(NB – we really need some younger people who can still climb ladders)

One of the challenges we can face is how the Word of God gets used. Cults are notorious for isolating passages and bending them to say what they want them to say and they do their best to ignore other passages that could contradict their beliefs or the way they act.

But the many years of the church, has also struggled in the same way, maybe not to the extreme of cults and their teachings but we can fall into the same traps. The Word gets filtered through the character and priorities of Jesus and his life.

So yes in the old testament there are some difficult passages to contend with, but when placed by the life and teachings of Jesus, you begin to see that Jesus was indeed making all things new.

BBC’s Youth are offering Free Babysitting at the church Fri., Dec. 11th, 6:30 PM –…

What are some good traits of a leader? A quick look at some of the men who chose to work beside King David are seen in this passage. Those who are called to follow Jesus can and should exhibit these similar qualities of Davids fighting men, such as knowing who your King is, Jesus. Know that the battle is a spiritual one, using the Word of God, being prayerful and full of obedience to the leading of the Spirit of God.

I Chron. 12: 8 – ff

A Heart of a Warrior by Pastor Adauto Resende

This was a special 15 year Anniversary message to Pastor Walter Mathis and the BBC church family.

“A Marriage Course for those who don’t like Marriage Courses” For ANYONE who’s married, thinking of getting married (over 18yrs due to “content”), or single but want to be married in the future – find out what guys or gals are really like, and what marriage is really like all with a great amount of humour and candour. Not a “churchy” thing… just a marriage thing :) … well see the video and decide for yourself

Christmas Eve Candlelight Service
Dec. 24th at 6pm
Feel free to bring friends & family!

Christmas Carols, Special Music etc.

Room: Main Sanctuary

(As of this time there is no childcare provided)

BBC’ers notes:

If you’d like to be part of:

Special music or the worship team please contact Pastor Tim
Coffee Station after service contact Pastor Tim
Finger foods/cookies after service contact Pastor Tim
Childcare – please speak with Jackie W.

Adopt a Christmas Person 2015 | Everyone in life needs “a person”. This year you could be that for someone else!

Pastor Walter’s Installation Service as Elder
Sun., Nov. 15th, 10:30 am
(joint with Comunidade Agua Viva Congregacao)
Followed by pot luck lunch!