Who are we?

What to Expect on a Sunday?

ornament1We have a cross mix of ages & ethnic groups from infants to seniors and everything in between.  There is a nursery for the entire service, and a kids ministry (JK – Gr 6) that runs the last half of the morning service, hopefully giving you the peace of mind to enjoy the festivities.

Media | Audio Messages

ornament1 Check out the audio messages on various topics by various speakers and in depth look at the bible and what it has to say, as well as practical advice for our everyday lives… such as Why Are We Here?, Did God Hear My Prayer?,Who Am I – Finding Your True Identity, Why God? What To Do When The Brook Runs and more

Calendar & Events

ornament1Featured Events: Detailed info… this section provides details of these items signups for volunteering or attending and the like., whether it be a community event, a combined event with other not-for-profits such as A Hand Up Clothing Room or The Great Giveaway or one of the fabulous food events which happen throughout the year. Calendar: A snapshot if you will, something for the fridge… of the comings and goings of all the regular groups and annual events. Weekly Bulletin in .PDF

What Do You Do?

ornament1There’s lots of groups from newborns to great grandparents and everyone in-between. Groups by age (such as Kids – JK – Grade 6 Jr. High / Sr. High) to groups by Category such as: Small Groups which meet weekly, to Women’s Groups , Men’s Groups, Young at Heart 50+ and yes even Food Groups (food events throughout the year) as well as various other events.

Upcoming Events


Summer Youth Events

7:00 pm — 9:00 pm
@ Bradford Baptist Church

Church-in-the-Park & Family Funfest

10:00 am — 4:00 pm
@ Bradford Lion’s Park

What's new?

Jesus the Living Word Part 9 – Jesus Goes Public in Jerusalem – John 2:12-25

How does one make an entrance into a room, or a meeting or to meet new people? Making an entrance with speaking a rebuke and using a whip and turning over tables; would that catch people’s attention? Yes it would. Would that be a good PR move? Not really. But that’s how Jesus went public in Jerusalem, and he got the attention of the religious leaders of his day. But how would the general public react? Let’s take a look and see.

Summer Youth Events

All youth (Junior High, Senior High, including Grade 6 Grads) welcome to attend Wednesday Night Youth Events 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM. Events take place at Bradford Baptist Church unless otherwise indicated.

July 6th – Board Games

July 13th – Minute to Winnit

July 20th – Karaoke Night

July 27th – Slip and Slide Baseball/Water Games

Aug. 3rd – Summer Olympics

Aug. 10th – Gross Night

Aug. 17th – Frisbee Night

Aug. 24th – Bigger & Better (stay tuned for location_

Aug. 31st – Scanlon Creek (9th Line of BWG, just east of Barrie St.)

Friends always welcome!!

For more info email Kurtis summerintern2@bbcweb.ca

Jesus the Living Word Part 8 – A Sign of Glory – John 2:1-11

Practicing hospitality can be fun, challenging, but one hopes that it should also be a rewarding experience. But imagine to be able to say that Jesus came to your wedding one day, that would be a conversation starter for sure. And in the same breathe be able to talk about an amazing gift of close to 180 gallons of wine that showed up somehow and saved the day and the wedding celebrations. Was it a coincidence that Jesus was there? I think not.

Jesus the Living Word Part 7 – Sharing Christ with Friends and Family – John 1:35-51

A brief look at how John the Baptist, and the early disciples set an example for us today in pointing those closest to them towards Jesus.

Jesus the Living Word Part 6 – Can I Have a Witness – John 1:29-34

A believer’s life & testimony needs to be marked with humility as Jesus gets all the honour & glory.

Jesus the Living Word Part 5 – Who Am I – John 1:19-28

June 26th 2016 Canada Day Celebration Service @ BBC

Joint Service with Bradford Baptist Church, Bradford Community Church, Greater Life Assembly and Comunidade Água Viva

We look forward to visits from all levels of government. Kids’ program during service ages 4-12. Refreshments will be served following service in our Garden Courtyard.

O ∙ CAN ∙ ADA – congregants and guests brought a canned good for the foodbank!

(ie: pablum, cereal, juice, juice boxes, granola bars, peanut butter, etc.)

Jesus the Living Word Part 5 – Who Are You – John 1:19-28

Back in the late 70’s the rock band the The Who recorded a song called Who Are you? It was an anthem to suggest the angst towards those who think they can do as they please. One thing we all do is underestimate folks or overestimate our impressions of people. It can be embarrassing for us when we do that. However, one thing should be clear in our lives – that we help people see the real Jesus in us and not get distracted by us.

Politician’s Comments Canada Day 2016

We were honoured to have Peter Van Loan, MP; Julia Munro, MPP; BWG Mayor Rob Keffer & BWG Town Councillor Raj Sandhu join us. See below for comments from Mr. Van Loan, Ms. Munro and Mr. Keffer.

Peter Van Loan:

Julia Monro:

Rob Keffer:

Aug 21 2016

10 am @Service at Lion’s Park in Bradford

12 noon – 4pm Family Fun Fest – Free Admission, Free Games, Free Food!
(Colborne St.). Joint with Bradford Community Church (host church), Bradford Baptist Church, Green Valley Alliance Church & Greater Life Assembly.

Jesus the Living Word Part 5 – Looking for the Word – John 1:15-18

The Irish band U2 coined a song “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking for”. It speaks of the pursuit of looking for all of what God wants to reveal here on earth. And it’s true that people go looking for all kinds of things and they attempt to fill a void in their life that is the “God-shaped vacuum”. One of the first people to find Jesus and point others to Jesus was John the Baptist. He began to fully understand the full depth of the God made into our flesh, Jesus the Incarnate One.