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What to Expect on a Sunday?

ornament1We have a cross mix of ages & ethnic groups from infants to seniors and everything in between.  There is a nursery for the entire service, and a kids ministry (JK – Gr 6) that runs the last half of the morning service, hopefully giving you the peace of mind to enjoy the festivities.

Media | Audio Messages

ornament1 Check out the audio messages on various topics by various speakers and in depth look at the bible and what it has to say, as well as practical advice for our everyday lives… such as Why Are We Here?, Did God Hear My Prayer?,Who Am I – Finding Your True Identity, Why God? What To Do When The Brook Runs and more

Calendar & Events

ornament1Featured Events: Detailed info… this section provides details of these items signups for volunteering or attending and the like., whether it be a community event, a combined event with other not-for-profits such as A Hand Up Clothing Room or The Great Giveaway or one of the fabulous food events which happen throughout the year. Calendar: A snapshot if you will, something for the fridge… of the comings and goings of all the regular groups and annual events. Weekly Bulletin in .PDF

What Do You Do?

ornament1There’s lots of groups from newborns to great grandparents and everyone in-between. Groups by age (such as Kids – JK – Grade 6 Jr. High / Sr. High) to groups by Category such as: Small Groups which meet weekly, to Women’s Groups , Men’s Groups, Young at Heart 50+ and yes even Food Groups (food events throughout the year) as well as various other events.

Upcoming Events

What's new?

Christmas Eve Candlelight Service

Sun., Dec. 24th, 6:00 PM

Feel free to bring friends & family!

Christmas Carols, Special Music etc.

And Candlelighting Person to Person

(As this is a Family Service, no childcare is provided)

BBC’ers notes:

If you’d like to be part of Special music or the worship team please contact Doreen

Please note – 10:30 AM Worship Service will happen as regularly scheduled

Jesus the Living Word Part 44 | Followers of Jesus and the World | John 15:17-27

One might think that following Jesus is a rather easy thing to do and accomplish. But it is not an easy following. It will transform your life if you will let Jesus make the changes in you, and you will be better for it. But the world in many ways does not appreciate a true Christ follower. Jesus takes time to explain the tension we may face with the world but the promise of His presence and the work of the Spirit in us can overcome it.

Foundations in Discipleship and Church Life Part VII – Obedient Living

(Adapted from Sonlife’s Foundations) What was it like for you to grow up? Was obedience easy or hard for you? We can have wide and varied responses, right? But Jesus modeled, taught and lived out a life of obedience to the Father. In so doing he was giving us all a picture of how to live life the way it was meant to be lived.

Jesus the Living Word Part 43 | A Sacrificial Love | John 15:12-17

What makes a person make a snap decision to protect someone from an injury and they take the hit instead themselves? Love. Jesus will narrow down the invite to his lads that they would be willing to love each other so well, that they could rise to the highest standard of sacrificial love even to die for one another. Jesus modeled and lived it out, and not just for his friends, but the whole world.

Jesus the Living Word Part 42 | John 15:1-11| Fruit Bearing Christians

Jesus makes an invitation to his men and to everyone of us about the desire we should have towards being followers of him. He reveals the 4 stages of fruit bearing qualities and the potential end results of going deeper in our walk with him. And once again, we just need to say yes to Him and he provides all the growth, power and impact.

Jesus the Living Word Part 41 | Pathway of Living is Loving Obedience | John 14:22-31

There is a TV show that shows the comings and goings of folks at local airports. Goodbyes can be very hard for many of us, especially if the goodbye means a very long time before you get to see one another again. Jesus is in the same spot with his team of men. He is saying goodbye but he is also telling them of the soon arrival of the Holy Spirit. Isn’t it great to know that the Lord has not left us all alone but has given us a wonderful friend in the Spirit of God?

Jesus The Living Word Part 40 | Our Advocate The Holy Spirit | John 14:12-21

Let’s face it. We all struggle with obedience; having a form of a vibrant walk with God. Today Jesus introduces the disciples to the work of the Holy Spirit and how important it will be for him to leave and the Spirit of God to indwell man. It’s the Spirit who gives us the means to walk a healthy and vibrant spiritual life and a life that brings impact to those around us and brings Glory to God.

College & Career Bible Study

Meeting Monday evenings, 7:30 PM at the home of Mark & Laurie V.

Age: High School Grad to age 30(ish)

Format: Snacks, hanging out & Bible Study

A great way to connect with young adults from the church & beyond. Please feel free to invite your friends!