A Special Visitation | photo: creationswap.com

A Special Visitation | photo: creationswap.com

A Special Visitation

by Tim Walker

Luke 1: 39 – 56

We all love to visit those who are very special to us, and sometimes it’s hard to know who benefits more from the visit, us or them or maybe it works out to being both of you – nice. But God did not abandon humanity as some think, rather the Trinity had always their eye on our plight of brokenness.

They actually let humanity navigate life so long without God interfering so to speak, but what we did is create a very unsavory picture of God – and so they chose to visit us through the incarnation of Christ.  He becoming like us, immersed in our humanity, our sin, our darkness and even willing to die at our hands – why because of his Holiness, no, out of his love for the renewal of relationship. We got visited and we continue to experience its rewards.

Sermon Outline/Worksheet in PDF

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