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Missional Living Series | Bloom Where You're Planted

Audio: Missional Living | Part 1 | The Missional Nature of God

(Adapted from “Missional Essentials” by Brad Brisco and Lance Ford)

  • This will be a 12 part series that will be spread out over the next year, with a message being done once a month.

 One of the amazing things that we discover about the Lord is that one of his characteristics is sending. From the beginning to the end of the Bible we see God constantly sending people out on special jobs – whether its to bring a singular message or to complete a major task, like Moses helping to lead the nation out of captivity from Egypt. So the nature of God is sending too, the Father sent the Son to us and the Son sent the Holy Spirit to us. So it’s no wonder that God loves to partner with us in seeing his mission being accomplished here on this world – a mission of restoring and healing humanity and creation.

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