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Mark Venton is an Elder at Bradford Baptist Church, married to his wife Laurie for 31 years, a father of 3 girls (2 of whom are now married), Grandfather of two boys. He operates two small businesses and teaches Marketing at Sheridan College.
Jesus the Living Word

Jesus The Living Word Part 34 | You Can Lead a Horse to Water | John 12

The key to John 12 is the story of the raising of Lazarus from the dead (from John Chapter 11). We follow the stories of 3 witnesses and/or contemporaries who saw the miracle or knew it happened. Yet all 3 had different reactions. All 3 were led directly to the living water …. but not all were thirsty. The message points out the stages of growth as we get closer to Christ and also highlights how the raising of Lazarus was a catalyst moment that through a series of connected actions and events led to the crucifixion of Jesus. The key point is that God is sovereign and even with our free will choices, his will prevails.

Jesus the Living Word

Jesus The Living Word Part 30 | John 9 | Truth and Characters Revealed

The story of the Blind man in John 9 opens the question about suffering and why we suffer. The messages looks at 5 purposes of suffering. The message also looks at how various people and groups respond to the truth of Jesus’s Godhood as shown by the miracle of restored sight.


Christmas Eve Message

The best way to understand the joy of Christ’s birth is to literally go back to the beginning… the real beginning of the story in the garden of Eden. The Holiness and Integrity of God demands a death penalty for sin, but his Love and Grace provided the solution. Listen in as Mark unravels this for us…


the state of Christianity in North America is not as rosy and in fact even worse in Canada. So what can we do as Christians to turn the trend around in Canada?

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A key lesson to learn on where success actually comes from. Gleaning from the pinnacle of achievement for the Nation of Israel, a promise kept after 600 yrs and a string of mind blowing miracles. The Nation is assembled to hear the victory speech from God as told to Joshua. What will he say? The answer is likely not the pat on the back they expected. His key point – “This victory had nothing to do with you – in fact you guys are not very good soldiers – I gave you victory”…hindsight is 20/20 … the plot thickens…

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