Foundations in Discipleship and Church Life

Foundations in Discipleship and Church Life Part 2 | Praying From Your Heart

Have you ever created a map of your heart? Who and what do you love? Jesus taught us to pray through a prayer. Today, we will reflect on what is in our hearts and pray about it using His model.

Father's Day Sermon | Photo: (no this isn't Spencer or Meagan, and his kid is cuter - even though this one's pretty cute!)

FATHER … is awesome!!!!

Dad’s are awesome! Every Dad is special and unique. Today, we will look at an example of a dad’s love and commitment towards his son and then look at what scriptures say about Father.

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Hearts That Love Sermon Series

As we look to the new year, we often think of making resolutions. And today we are asked to consider the fruit of the Holy Spirit and in particular the fruit of Kindness.

We may want to help make the world a better place by selecting which one of the fruits we want to work on in the New Year with the Lords help… Listen in…

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Nicole Forget gives a candid honest talk about the realities of motherhood.

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Introduction to the book of Joshua Series… with a featured speaker each week!

Nicole Forget pinch hits on the fly with great success using Stan Walker’s notes due to unforeseen circumstances (Stan is fine now).

New beginnings can be exciting or tension-filled. There are many instances of new beginnings through life; – the first day at school, university, new jobs, marriage, family, etc. No matter the situation, some people can handle new beginnings, while others are anxious, fearful, or even feel threatened. Israel faced a new beginning as they moved from the wilderness to the Promised Land… Click on image to listen…

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