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It all starts out so innocently and the next thing you know it’s a tangled mess… This weeks message navigates through this tricky terrain.

Our story in Joshua 22 tells us of the soldiers of Israel who after fighting with there fellow countrymen had to face being on the other side of the Jordan and isolated from them by water and mountains made them feel they had to create a large altar to worship and feel still a part of their original homeland.Their intentions were good but they were misunderstood.

For thousands of years men of God have been misunderstood.
Jesus himself was one of the most misunderstood people on planet earth.
His great love and power that he demonstrated to us by his healing the sick and raising the dead was too much for mortal man to handle while they were searching for a King with earthly wisdom Christ chose on this marvelous day to come into town on a donkey colt.Palm Sunday is when he chose to teach us humility.Christ died for the misunderstood…

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God knows you! He knew you before you were born and wants to bless you and use all the gifts he has blessed you with.
God knew Moses and chose him to lead thousands even though his speech was slow.
God knew Joshua born a slave but would be Moses`s successor.
God also knew a harlot named Rahab and he knew Blessings that she would become the wife of a Jewish man and be listed in the ancestry of the “Messiah“
Man looks at the outward appearance but God knows and loves us for who we can be with his guidance.
Trust his Promises ,they never fail!

How to Live the Blessed Life

Whether you realize it or not, we have been blessed by God . What? That may be hard to believe for some of you! Stay with us… Explore with us and find out It is our job and privilege to use the word of God as our map for a joy filled incredible life. This isn’t some fluffy sermon, this is from a gal who has been through life’s trenches and has learned the benefit of seeing the good side Learn how to love and be blessed…

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