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As James wraps up his letter to his church he finishes on a positive and encouraging note of Prayer. You want a vibrant and robust faith, then prayer is a key component to that. Prayer is not just limited to your self but it needs to be apart of the body of Christ. Prayer can help the discouraged and the broken, it can help bring healing to people, not just in the physical sense but in your emotional well being, spiritual and mental health. Prayer is a vital ingredient to have a healthy God dependency…

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One of my favourite movies at Christmas times is Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol. It does give a great picture of humanity can be redeemed, and its never to late to change. Scrooge, does change from his miserly ways and greed to become a person who values others and can make a huge contribution to those around him. James opens the closing chapter with a rebuke to those who use their wealth for ill gotten ways and then helps the believers to know and how to react to the abuses of the wealthy. But be assured of this, the Lord is very aware of how people treat one another and He will deal justly with the offender and the offended…

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Nothing like learning a new game and someone does not tell you all the rules only as you go through the game do they tell you, and usually its at your disadvantage and all for their benefit – not fair is it!

But this kind of thing can and does happen in the world we live in, but it’s a whole new level of hurt and pain when it happens in a local church. When someone thinks they are like God and choose to be a judge and jury to others, not good. And then sometimes they think they can cut God out of the equation of life, not good either.

Lets see what James was so concerned about this pattern of living with in the local church of his day…

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Conflict in the Church | James Series

A popular rock group had a typical teen age song of angst towards home, school and anything else that stopped them from living a life of self indulgence. The song title was enough said, “You gotta fight for your right to party”. When one has a hedonistic mindset, one needs to satisfy it. But what happens when those ideals are not met, trouble.

Whats worse is when a church in embroiled in fights and long standing feuds, its not a pretty picture. James is trying to settle a major rift in the church that he was writing to, would they heed the call to live as peacemakers rather then perpetual troublemakers…

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Visible Wisdom Part 2
James 3: 14- 18
Wisdom that You Can See (part II)

There is a saying that you cant tell a fool when they are silent, but when they speak they remove all doubt as to what they really are. James says almost the same thing when it comes to wisdom. Wisdom can be seen for what it is- whether its God given or man made. IT has characteristics and qualities to it, man made or earthly will always have a hint that its all about me, whereas Godly wisdom will have the Lord and others as the focal point…

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