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You can always tell when someone exhibits wisdom – there is an incredible amount of positive characteristics, peace, joy, humility, teach-ability, patience, more gratitude and less critical-ness, people love hanging around those types of people. James puts out a challenge to those who wanted to be leaders/teachers, you want that role, well then start living and applying yourself before you move into this challenging positions.


How many times have we been caught by the ill use of our tongues! They are so small and yet can create such big problems for us. This does not mean we just choose to live in silence like some monks in a monastery out in a desert. But we need to live our Christian faith in such a way that it reveals a vibrant faith not only in actions but our words too. So is your mouth an ally or an enemy, let’s take a look at what James is trying to encourage for us to follow.

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A Faith that is All Action

James 2: 14 – 26

Its been said let your actions reveal who you are. And in today’s passage, James says an intellectual faith amounts to zip, you can talk a good game supposedly but you sure are not living it out. James is challenging any one believer that you must let your faith work in love towards God and your fellow man, and it must be fully activated in action, yes that may mean words but visible and tangible love in action. We need to stay active for the Kingdoms sake.

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James 2: 17

This was an interactive message with the BBC congregation dialogueing about our BBC mission statement and how we as a church family can work out our missional impact to our community. It takes more than just saying I have faith, its about living the faith in the reality of our world. A faith rooted in the Lord, a love for God and others that is evidenced by an active faith.

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Sermon Outline – Faith Love Action in PDF

Favouring our Favourites James Sermon | photo: creationswap.com

One thing that we all struggle with is favouritism or prejudice, we have either done it to others or we have felt the affects of it against ourselves. Prejudice can come in all shapes and sizes, the obvious is racial, gender and social classes. Then it can get more complex.

The challenge to the church that James was writing to, was that the church was experiencing it in the society they lived in but now they took it into the church context. And God was not amused by their behavior and James wanted them to stop and rather live lives that were modeled by loving God and loving others, and we need to be compassionate towards others…

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