The tendency in North America is to live independently and not need anyone. Yet in the last decade the whole idea of having a life coach has caught on. Someone you see on a regular basis who can help you gain perspective and point you in the right direction with how you live. Not everyone can afford a life coach, so you turn to others for help, and that can be a good or a challenging thing.

Paul wants to conclude his letter to the church in Corinth by giving them some helpful advice in order to know how to live – let God help you cultivate a good inner life and it will affect how you live with the Lord and others. But remember, we need the Lord and one another – no man is an island it has been said. Listen with us as we unpack this adventure…

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Ever have your plans go south due to some unforeseen event? What do you do? Get frustrated, panic, or are you fairly relaxed? Where does the Lord fit into that too?

Sometimes we can be guilty of not including him in those plans, then He gets the blame. But maybe we do plan our lives around the Lord and when we do , it can frustrate others. Because the Lord is in control and we need to be submissive to his leading and to those divine interruptions that get our attention.

So lets not get ahead of ourselves and see what He has in store for us…


Steven Page and Ed Robertson, wrote a song, “If I Had a 1,000,000”. It was a catchy song, about love and also the ability to go buy things, most of it was silly stuff. Yet the challenge is what do we do with our money, time or things? …

And when Jesus takes over your life, how does ones spirituality influence the role of money and giving? The Old Testament had a variety of thoughts on the subject but that was just for the nation of Israel, now the Kingdom of God is much broader and it seems the New Testament has a new way of thinking. Giving with liberty and total freedom based on how you feel God has and is blessing you – it should influence not only our money but also our time, talents and spiritual gift giving for His Sake….

Women Ministry Leadership Pastor Missionary Sermon

Women in the serving or speaking in church has been a hot topic for many a years and decades. Todays text is one of the key passages that gets used to say women are to be seen but not heard in the local church. However, we will take a look and start to see that some may have manipulated this passage to make it say some thing that was not entirely the case.

The ironic thing is that we in North America have no problem sending single missionaries to the mission field to do what we expect men to do here and that is just plain wrong and not consistent with our thinking biblically. So does she have a voice? Yes – come see how we come to that conclusion…

Body Language Church Communication

Nothing like trying to communicate and everyone can not understand one another, very frustrating. Maybe you have played the game where you have a group of people and one person starts the message to one person and it keeps getting passed along one at a time. By the time you get to the end, you may have a very different message then what was started.

In Corinth, some of the folks wanted to be the main attraction and in so doing, it meant that the rest of the church family had to be left in the dark. Mystery meant some form of spiritual insight. Paul says hogwash! Communicate so that all can learn, grow and be encouraged and the whole church grows together

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