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I Cor. 14: 1 – 20 One of the struggles we can have with in our walk with the Lord is to focus on minor issues and make them into a really bigger item then the Lord ever expected them too. You may have heard of those churches that practice snake handling on a regular…


I Cor. 15: 50 – 58 So is my life really making a difference? Can changing a diaper or going to mundane job really amount to anything for the Kingdom of God? Should I really keep believing and having a faith in the Lord? Paul’s resounding answer is Yes, it all matters, don’t get weary…

A Glorified Resurrected Body | Easter Sermon

For some people it’s a bit of stretch to ones thinking to consider the idea of the dead being raised back to life. And we can get stuck thinking inside of the box rather then outside of the box, but then that’s what faith is all about.

But did you know that creation constantly reminds us of the concept of resurrection, a seed must die, be planted and in time the miracle of new life begins and we don’t get a replica of a seed, but the fruit of its germination, into wheat or an apple tree. So when the Lord does resurrect us, we will look a whole lot different when we were first laid into the ground…

Easter Sermon Hope

I Cor. 15 ; 20 – 34 Christianity has always been the subject of speculation and criticism over the last 2000 years, and I suspect it will never change. From comedians to scientists to even the average person, there will be elements of the Christian faith that will always seem difficult to swallow as truth….

What if you were never were born? Who or what would have been missed because of you not being here. Some of the Corinth believers were playing a dangerous game of thinking, or may I suggest over or under thinking. They struggled with the concept of Christ being raised from the dead, then they couldn’t fathom the promise that one day all believers would be reunited with their bodies.

Paul takes them on a logical discussion of their thinking and where it ultimately ends up, not very good news and a faith that is completely useless. So because Jesus did in fact rise from the dead we have a living Hope…

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