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Baxter Kruger in his recent book, “the Shack Revisited”, relays a story of when he was 12 yrs old and got to watch an NFL football game between the Saints and Vikings, following the game he had a chance encounter with some of the players and coaches of the Vikings. But in that moment he got separated from his parents and then began a few terrifying hours of being lost and alone.

The breakthrough comes at last when his father does find him and all the fear, panic and anxiety is gone and the assured comfort of being in his Dads arms. This story helps reflect the tone of Isa. 62, we are lost but God finds us , takes care of us and continues to bless us, the amazing goodness of God toward humanity…

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So can the love of God truly transform a life, a community, a town, city or a nation. There sure seems to be many a testimony about the transformational power of the Lord these days. But its not just recent stories but ever since Jesus walked on our earth, His life has impacted so many people and even nations. So todays text gives us another glimpse of what Jesus can do to community of people when they chose to follow his path.

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Often times we can see a job and realize its really big, bigger then one person can handle. So in this opening verses of Ch. 61 there is a list of roles to be played out by the Messiah. Is it for one person or many to fulfill? Well we do know it’s the role and passion that Jesus came to fulfill. He relished it and loved to see the good news break through into people’s lives and see its full impact of life change in them. Do you need a dose of that Grace today?

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The power of a word or phrase, one moment it can bring hurt or pain and in the other life! One word spoken to a nation or to a people group from God and it can do amazing things. One word, from the source, God and all man has to do is let it happen.

No working it up, no more extra faith just hear it and let the word sink and you move in obedience to it. So in a place of despair and hopelessness, two words are spoken by the Lord to his nation, Israel – Arise, Shine. Do you need to hear those 2 words today?

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Audio Mp3 Download: Isaiah Series Part 16 | The Kingdoms Open Door by Tim Walker Isaiah: 56 1 – 8 Its always interesting to hear peoples reasons for not wanting to become a follower of Christ. Once again we get stuck in trying to help God out with our behavior or our own issues. Some…

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