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We all love getting a gift, and the more special it is the more the memory it creates for us. One thing we find out about Jesus is that He is truly the gift that keeps on giving. The Father, Son and Holy Spirit chose to share with humanity the gift of relationship and what that can be for us.

They gave us love and we can see and know it in so many ways not only from the past but to our present to also our future. Gods love truly has many benefits to us and it started with the gift of Jesus as the Messiah.

Jesus man of sorrows

Truth be told no one says sign me up for a healthy dose of suffering. If God came and said to us, would you be willing to go through a season of suffering so I can produce some change in you, we would probably say No thank you.

But imagine Jesus as a young boy reading the book of Isaiah and noting the few passages that tell of the messiah and the suffering he would endure. How did it make him feel? What kind of conversations did he have with Father God about his role that would come one day. We can be assured that Jesus endure a lot of suffering growing up, so we can be assured that our Savior can identify with us and our times of hurt and pain.

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Many a time we needed to be reminded of things – birthdays, anniversaries, doctors appointment, even when we need maintenance done on a car or home. But how many times does God need to remind us that He has not abandoned us nor has He forgotten about us.

He is looking to you and I to keep serving Him on his work and its up to Him how He will bless and work in and through us. Lets take some advice that was meant for the Messiah, Jesus, and see how it can encourage you and me in our servant life for the Lord…

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Apparently God had enough of Israels fascination with idols and their allegiance to them, it was another reason why they were heading into captivity to be disciplined. But God would also not punish them forever, in time his compassion, mercy and grace would draw his people back to Him.

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What do Christians do with the fact that other Christians with the Holy Spirit fail badly at being the body of Christ? More importantly, what does God do to his Church when it refuses to smash its idols.

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