Jesus the Living Word

Jesus The Living Word Part 38 | Serving Within Jesus’ Kingdom | John 13:18-38

Serving is a choice we must make on a daily basis until it becomes a habit forming lifestyle. And when we serve it may not always be easy but a challenge. As we view Jesus in his last supper meal with his disciples we see how he teaches on this important topic but models it in front of a man who would betray him to death and another disciple who would deny him. Powerful insights we can learn from Jesus.

Jesus the Living Word

Jesus The Living Word Part 37 | Father and Son Serve with Love | Luke 22:7-16; John 13:1-17

Sometimes love can make us feel very uncomfortable, especially when we may be the recipient of someone’s love towards us. In today’s lesson, Jesus models and leads his disciples to follow his example of love being visible in a tangible act of servanthood. Hard to imagine the Creator of humanity getting a bowl, water and towel and washing the feet of his disciples, and he does it. And the impact it has on them and hopefully us should transform our view of others.

Jesus the Living Word

Jesus The Living Word Part 36 | Blinded by the Light | John 12:37-50

Ever step into a room that is pitch dark and then you throw on the light? It can be blinding and take awhile for your eyes to adjust, right? In the gospel of John, John has spoken about Jesus being the Light of the World and his life and light has dawned on humanity. But the challenge was for some folks was that they refused to believe in Jesus, despite all of the miracles that he did – they refused to believe in him. It still can happen today. Despite the evidence of God, they choose to have it their way rather than God’s way.

Jesus the Living Word

Jesus the Living Word Part 36 | Life Through Death | John 12:20-36

The Christian life is not always easy. In fact it can be extremely difficult. It may involve all kinds of suffering and even death. However, just as God used Jesus’ death on the cross to bring about our salvation, he calls his people to pick up our own crosses and follow even to the grave in order to bring others into that same salvation. As we see with a grain of wheat death actually multiplies life! This shows us how upside down God’s kingdom seems compared to the way of this world, but God in his wisdom has revealed to us a better way.

Jesus the Living Word

Jesus The Living Word Part 35 | Waking up the Dead| John 11:38-57

How strong can a relationship make you? In the book of Ecclesiastes, Solomon writes that a cord of three is not easily broken, or two are better than one. Jesus will model the power of being in relationship with his Father. They model it so we can follow it too. We can see amazing things happen when we are in step with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, even to see miracles happen when we pray.

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