Walking-as-Jesus-Walked-Sermon-Series | photo: CreationSwap.com

If you have ever watch the tv show Undercover Boss, it can be a very insightful look at the workplace seen through the eyes of the owner or top boss of the company. But they see the work place from the eyes of a regular worker, and it can provide great insight and good feedback to the company as a whole. What if for one day, we allowed the heart of Jesus to help govern our day – Max Lucado pens this question. What kind of changes could take place in us – more forgiving, compassion, purity… this new study is an attempt to discover how Jesus lived and moved among us and can we do the same, the answer is Yes…

A Sacrificial Love Sermon | photo adapted from creationswap.com

Faced with a challenge to die for a friend, hard to say how we might respond. In the heat of the moment we may be willing too. The challenge that Jesus shares with his men, is to love one another, but once again, we need the strength and the power of the Holy Spirit to do it…

Fruit Bearing Disciples Sermon - John

When you started out in your walk with Christ you may have felt that you will never ever measure up to being a good disciple of Jesus.

There’s so much to learn, and expectations are so high, and what do I do about my own brokenness. Jesus wants us to hear a very simple message, stay connected, learn from me, be obedient and you will find joy in the way I have wanted you to live for me.

SERMON: Pathway of Living is Loving Obedience by Tim Walker John 14: 22 – 31 Back in the 60’s John Lennon attempted a Peace Sit In, it was an attempt to challenge the world to try and let Peace be the main source of living. He coined a song, Give Peace a Chance. Man has…

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