A Light To Our City Sermon | Photo: CreationSwap.com

Light. We need it. In watching the movie, The Hobbit, you encounter the sad character Gollum, who at one time was a hobbit himself but having found the ring of Doom, spent most of his life in a darken cave, never willing to come into the light. When you allow yourself to be fully impacted by the life of Jesus, He can truly transform your life and when you change you can change and impact those around you. Too often the enemy wants us convinced that we can not make a difference, but in reality we can, so much so, that we can bring change to even a city…

Looking for God Sermon | photo: creationswap.com

Looking for God in all the Right Places? Luke 10:1 – 12 – This lesson was adapted from Missional Essentials by Brisco and Ford Isolation seems to be more of an increasing issue than ever before, despite us being intune with social media (Facebook, Twitter…) we are still relationally isolated. And the tension is just…

Fellowship Church Home

Jesus modeled a lifestyle of intentionality and that was in the realm of connecting with people. He went after those who would be leaders, followers and even the marginalized. And it was because of the marginalized that he got the most flack for – daring to hang out with those kind of people. As followers of Jesus we are invited to model a form of biblical hospitality to those around us, even the marginalized. Let’s take a new look at this strategic biblical principle of how it can bring impact to our world around us…

Sermon - Knowing and Loving Your Neighbor

Jer. 29: 4 – 7; Matt. 5:14

The choice of where you live can be driven by circumstance or happenstance – we may think we make the choice or at times we have no choice. Israel, was dragged kicking and screaming into captivity, due to their disobedience by the Lord. God made it abundantly clear to them, you will be here for a long time, 70 years, so you might as well make the most of it, he wanted them to live and thrive. God was getting them back to the idea of letting their light shine in a difficult context. Where you and I live may not be as so hard as Israel’s but we are also invited by the Lord to let His light shine through us to those around us.

Open Hearts Open Hands | photo: CreationSwap.com

For those of us who live in North America, we definitely live in a very affluent world in comparison to other parts of the planet. And then there is the challenge of the American Dream, can it actually mesh with the Kingdom of God and its values?

Have we in a subtle or maybe in an overt way have bought into consumerism, materialism and individualism in our way of living – can it really hold us back from the heart of God towards others?…

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