So You're Going to Have a Baby | Teen Pregnancy in Nazareth | photo:

We have the tendency to sugar coat some of the events around the birth of Christ. We cant imagine the immense task a young teen girl is given to be the birth mom for Jesus. How would she handle the gossip of the local townsfolk, how or what would she do with Joseph?

How would she handle the harassment Jesus would experience as a kid or teen…Or the fact that God was completely ruining all her hopes, dreams and plans. Yet this amazing young lady took it in stride that begs us to see much deeper into this lady’s faith in a God who had been silent for over 400 years. Yet she chose to respond – will you?…

So You're Having a Baby | photo:

We all can react to surprising news very differently – shock, disbelief, joy, this is what I was hoping for. But what if the messenger is an angel on behalf of the Lord – would we immediately believe the message? Would we want to barter for more proof?

Its very easy to look at it from our vantage point, but I gather most of us would be a bit fearful and chances are we might say some really dumb things – that’s probably what I would do. So a priest is in the temple, very close to the holy of holies and wham, an angelic visitation….

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