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Asking and answering questions about the text of Second Peter chapter 3 gives us much to think about with respect to our present and our future. Does the prospect of the return of Christ change us daily, or are we living as if He will never return?

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Many people thought the world was going to end in 2012. But also 2011, 2000, 1994, 1984, all the way back to the early church. Why have Christians thought this? What assumptions about the Bible lead one to predict an end of the world?

What notions of God, the world, the cross, and the church stand behind a lot of end times preachers? In this sermon we will do something different and go through different people in Christian history who predicted the end and got it wrong, using their life examples to bring us deeper into the Word with wisdom and hope.

Apocalypse Later? | Photo modified

So within the church there are a variety of streams that all suggest how the world will come to a close and Jesus begins to truly reign here on planet earth. To worry about which stream your in can be an exercise in futility, what does God want us to really being thinking and living for?

There is a warning that if wicked people remain unrepentant of their ways, they will be judged by God. But this does not give us the place to cheer that on, rather, are we praying for the lost and misguided to find the Lord and be Saved and truly live lives that bring glory to the great King of Kings.

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SERMON: Can I See Jesus Clearly Now? Matt. 25: 31 – 46 Sometimes we want to know a lot about our future and Jesus in telling and describing the potential court room scene of His judging of the nations it can be somewhat intimidating.  What really becomes clear is that Jesus’ love is very compelling…

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SERMON: Looking to the Future with Expectancy Part 2: Use What Your Papa Gave You by Tim Walker – Matthew 25:14 – 30 Parable of the Talents, maybe in a way you’ve never heard before…

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