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Nothing like a surprise, for some they love it but others not so, but when its bad news kind of a surprise most don’t like it. It can cause panic, total collapse, fear or for the odd person it’s a new challenge. James has invited us to see these times as moments to have our faith matured and it builds up our character as well as our attitudes. Today’s lesson offers more practical advice on how times of testing can change us for the better, but also that temptation is not something that has come from the hand of God…

Faith Series James Sermons | Photo:

We are starting a new series into the book of James. This is a book that is full of practical advice on how to walk the talk.

James jumps right in to deal with the tough times that we can face through trials and times of testing. We rarely would sign up for times of testing, but we can be assured that those times will come and how are we to handle them, run away, panic, fear or handle it with Joy!

Yes, James says that we are to face it with Joy, lets take a look at some of the practical ways we can be changed in times of testing…

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It can be very hard to imagine at times certain individuals becoming Christians. They could be so anti anything to do with the Lord that it seems it would take divine intervention for them to begin to believe in Jesus or let alone be willing to humble themselves to put their trust in God. A very unlikely candidate had a short meeting with Jesus and it would make us realize that he was more ready to respond to the gospel then we thought. The challenge comes in when the Lord may ask us to partner with Him in reaching all kinds of people, are you ready and up for the challenge? Listen with us this week…

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This is a message with some practical tips on how to use and walk in your God given authority as a believer. Jesus not only provided salvation for us but he blessed us with spiritual blessings, and we look at some of those gifts he has provided us with, like the spiritual armour and how to walk in humility versus pride.


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