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Spiritual Authority Part A | I’ve Got The Power… Use It!| Summer Series – You Asked For It – Part 3 Ephesians 1: 20, 22,23 and 2:6 One of Satans tools is to convince believers that they are weak or not very spiritually strong. This way Satan does not have to fear the believer to…


A Practical/Compassionate Discipleship Summer Series – You Asked For It – Part 2 Luke 14: 26,27,33 and Matt. 25: 43 Often times people say that Christians are hypocrites, we say one thing on Sunday and live very differently the rest of the week. And this becomes the means of being a cop out of not…

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by Steve Peck
The world believes that “what you see is all there is”. Have a look over John’s shoulder into the Throne Room of Heaven – what we see on earth is definitely NOT all there is…. (audio …)

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