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Truth Philosophy Religion | photo:

Divine Wisdom is Rooted in the Cross | Corinthians Part 2 |

Tim Walker

I Cor. 1: 18 – 31

There are times that we like to think we are pretty smart, but when it comes to man trying to navigate his salvation on his mind and thought abilities we can head into some troubled waters. And boy do we have a long history of man made religions, cults and even philosophical groups that some how try to appease people in “spiritual matters”.

The church in Corinth was experiencing division in how they wanted to share the message of Jesus, some felt they needed to express it in their language and take some of the truth out, it was making it hard to share – because they looked foolish in speaking it from those who heard it. Well, Paul is going to say, the message of the cross is made for fools, but when they believe they actually look very smart and wise…

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