The End [of War] is Near

The End [of War] is Near

Audio Mp3: Isaiah Series Part 10  | The End [of War] Is Near

by Spencer Boersma

The world of the Prophets saw the formation of empires as a means wealth, safety, power, and glory. However, the Prophets, looking at the world through their relationship with their God, saw otherwise. They were the first people to see the true nature of war: They saw it as idolatry.

So how did they respond to the destruction inherent to the reality of war? They offered hope: that one day war can and will end. War is not just another part of life.

Moreover, they offered a hope that is not far off, but a hope that transforms the present, inspiring the people of God to work as peacemakers, slowly working reconciliation and redemption in the world. Thus the Prophet Isaiah poetically proclaims that one day we will pound our swords and spears into plowshares and pruning hooks.


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