Epic Fail Sermon | photo: creationswap.com

Epic Fail Sermon | photo: creationswap.comIsaiah Series Part 11 | Epic Fail : Or Judgement as Mercy?

by Spencer Boersma

Isaiah 42

What do Christians do with the fact that other Christians with the Holy Spirit fail badly at being the body of Christ? More importantly, what does God do to his Church when it refuses to smash its idols?

Basing this sermon on the premise established in Isaiah 42 that “chosen Servant” is Israel and also that Israel is the Church and the Church is Israel, the promises of restoration in this chapter are realized as the ultimate goal of God;s judgment.

God judgment for his church is fundamentally an act of mercy; his justice is love. This is hope for anyone who feels trapped in darkness and feels they cannot get out without help: God promises to rescue sinners. ..


References Mentioned:

The Prophets

Abraham J. Heschel


Martin-Luther-King-esque (ie similar to) …. by Rev S.M. Lockridge:

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