Freedom Let My People Go | photo:

Freedom Let My People Go | photo:

Isaiah Series Part 20 | Set My People Free

by Tim Walker

Isaiah 26

Baxter Kruger in his recent book, “the Shack Revisited”, relays a story of when he was 12 yrs old and got to watch an NFL football game between the Saints and Vikings, following the game he had a chance encounter with some of the players and coaches of the Vikings. But in that moment he got separated from his parents and then began a few terrifying hours of being lost and alone.

The breakthrough comes at last when his father does find him and all the fear, panic and anxiety is gone and the assured comfort of being in his Dads arms. This story helps reflect the tone of Isa. 62, we are lost but God finds us , takes care of us and continues to bless us, the amazing goodness of God toward humanity…

Sermon Outline/Worksheet in .PDF

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