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Jesus The Living Word Part 33 | More Signs of a Good Shepherd | John 10.22-42

How much evidence do you need to be convinced that something is true or believable? We now have a very divided populace on the topic of climate change.  We now have been told that science was doctoring the books to make it a bigger problem than it really was. So who do you believe? Well, Jesus is debating with His critics and they want more proof of who He really is. Well, He will give it to them, but to no avail; yet those who are listening in will respond to Jesus.

Webmaster note:  due to technically difficulties, this message is in two parts.

Sermon Notes

Video #1 (during sermon) – Ray Carman’s “Hireling or Shepherd?”

Video #2 (at end of sermon) – Ray Carman’s “Abandoned, Brought Home by the Shepherd

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