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Jesus the Living Word Part 5 – Who Am I – John 1:19-28 June 26th 2016 Canada Day Celebration Service @ BBC

Joint Service with Bradford Baptist Church, Bradford Community Church, Greater Life Assembly and Comunidade Água Viva

We look forward to visits from all levels of government. Kids’ program during service ages 4-12. Refreshments will be served following service in our Garden Courtyard.

O ∙ CAN ∙ ADA – congregants and guests brought a canned good for the foodbank!

(ie: pablum, cereal, juice, juice boxes, granola bars, peanut butter, etc.)

Jesus the Living Word Part 5 – Who Are You – John 1:19-28

Back in the late 70’s the rock band the The Who recorded a song called Who Are you? It was an anthem to suggest the angst towards those who think they can do as they please. One thing we all do is underestimate folks or overestimate our impressions of people. It can be embarrassing for us when we do that. However, one thing should be clear in our lives – that we help people see the real Jesus in us and not get distracted by us.

Sermon Outline

Politician’s Comments Canada Day 2016

We were honoured to have Peter Van Loan, MP; Julia Munro, MPP; BWG Mayor Rob Keffer & BWG Town Councillor Raj Sandhu join us. See below for comments from Mr. Van Loan, Ms. Munro and Mr. Keffer.

Peter Van Loan:

Julia Monro:

Rob Keffer:


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