Making-Good-Choices-Sermon-Audio | photo:

Making-Good-Choices-Sermon-Audio | photo:

I Corinthians 10: 23 – 11:1    Freedom for the Glory of God

Freedom can be a wonderful gift or it can be a major burden to some, it all depends on how you can use it. The work of Jesus has indeed brought us a lot of freedom, but the church in Corinth thought it could be used for selfish purposes or you could dance with the fire of sin and some how not be affected by it.

What if we consider a higher purpose that my freedom can be used for the glory of God and also to reveal our love for the Lord and towards other people, such as ones near and dear, and also those in our sphere of influence… What would the world look like?… Would the world be a better place?)…

Sermon Outline / Worksheet in .PDF

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