Sermon: Repentance | photo:

Sermon: Repentance | photo:

Turning to His Way: Living the Kingdom of God

by Spencer Boersma

Scripture Matthew 3, 4:23-5:12

The word repentance has become unfashionable, faux pas. Why is this? It is probably because Christians have consistently misunderstood what it means and who it is for. Instead, repentance has been used as an instrument for Christian to relate to non-Christians from a position of power, privilege, superiority, and comfort.

When this happens the church begins to look all too human, helping only those that help it, opposing those that oppose it, neglecting those that are worthless to it.

However, when we look at how John the Baptist and Jesus preached repentance and for whom, we find that repentance is something that calls the church – the church first! – to powerlessness, calling the church to love freely, not for self-advancement.

Living this powerlessness and grace is what awakens people to the kingdom of God that has come near to them, as Jesus gives his gospel presentation in the “beatitudes,” the founding values of God’s nation.

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