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Obeying as Jesus Obeyed – John 8:29

Adapted from Dann Spader’s “Walking as Jesus Walked” Lesson 5

Obedience can be a very challenging thing for most of us.  Right from childhood we have this desire to want to do things our way or we are very selfish, we wonder if we will ever grow out of that.

Then we get older and find new challenges to being obedient; do I maintain the proper speed limit, do I pay or cheat a little on my taxes… the list can go on.

The only person who lived fully obedient was Jesus – not to raise the bar so high to make it impossible, but to be an example on how to live and depend on Him for an obedient lifestyle that can produce peace, joy and freedom… Listen with us as we unpack this thread…

Sermon Outline in .PDF

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