Sermons for help on this journey through life

Jesus the Living Word Part 36 | Life Through Death | John 12:20-36

The Christian life is not always easy. In fact it can be extremely difficult. It may involve all kinds of suffering and even death. However, just as God used Jesus’ death on the cross to bring about our salvation, he calls his people to pick up our own crosses and follow even to the grave in order to bring others into that same salvation. As we see with a grain of wheat death actually multiplies life! This shows us how upside down God’s kingdom seems compared to the way of this world, but God in his wisdom has revealed to us a better way.

Jesus The Living Word Part 35 | Waking up the Dead| John 11:38-57

How strong can a relationship make you? In the book of Ecclesiastes, Solomon writes that a cord of three is not easily broken, or two are better than one. Jesus will model the power of being in relationship with his Father. They model it so we can follow it too. We can see amazing things happen when we are in step with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, even to see miracles happen when we pray.

Jesus The Living Word Part 34 | You Can Lead a Horse to Water | John 12

The key to John 12 is the story of the raising of Lazarus from the dead (from John Chapter 11). We follow the stories of 3 witnesses and/or contemporaries who saw the miracle or knew it happened. Yet all 3 had different reactions. All 3 were led directly to the living water …. but not all were thirsty. The message points out the stages of growth as we get closer to Christ and also highlights how the raising of Lazarus was a catalyst moment that through a series of connected actions and events led to the crucifixion of Jesus. The key point is that God is sovereign and even with our free will choices, his will prevails.

Jesus The Living Word Part 33 | More Signs of a Good Shepherd | John 10.22-42

How much evidence do you need to be convinced that something is true or believable? We now have a very divided populace on the topic of climate change. We now have been told that science was doctoring the books to make it a bigger problem than it really was. So who do you believe? Well, Jesus is debating with His critics and they want more proof of who He really is. Well, He will give it to them, but to no avail; yet those who are listening in will respond to Jesus.

Webmaster note: due to technically difficulties, this message is in two parts.

Jesus The Living Word Part 32 | Called to Dead Guy Duties | John 11:1-44

Today we see another one of Jesus’ famous I AM statements. How appropriate that on Resurrection Sunday we get to consider that Jesus makes the statement that he is the Resurrection and the Life. Jesus will raise Lazarus before his own resurrection will happen just a short time away. Take a look at the various forms of tension in this passage, and yet Jesus walks his life through it all, revealing to each and every one else that life in us can accomplish much. Do you believe this? Good question.

My Hands Belong to You | Palm Sunday

When God created us he gave us special “tools” called hands which praise Him, create things, and bless others. They also can be used to tear down and destroy. By “giving” our hands to Him, we recognize the need to remember His promises, develop positive relationships, seek balance in our lives, follow His direction and show others the way to Him, and receive His “Thumbs Up” of blessing and approval of us and others. What better way to celebrate “Palm”Sunday than to remember that our hands belong to You, Lord!!

Mexico Mission Team Report | Memories of Mexico

This a report given by our BBC Mission Team that went to Puerto Escondido, Pinotepa and Nopala, Mexico in March. Enjoy the folks as they share about the highlights and the way God ministered in and through the team members.

Jesus The Living Word Part 31 | The Good Shepherd | John 10:1-21

Today’s passage marks another of Jesus’ great ‘I Am’ statements. On the heels of John 9 and the healing of the blind man, Jesus tries to reach out to the Jewish religious leaders one more time, by using word pictures. But once again they will miss Jesus’ point; that He longs to be in relationship with them, just as He is with his Father and that He promises to meet us with protection and to provide for us.