Sermons for help on this journey through life

Jesus The Living Word Part 46 | And He Walks With Me | John 16:23-33

Today’s message looks at how Jesus is preparing his disciples for his departure and how their relationship with Jesus’ Father will change for the better. The desire of the Trinity is intimacy with all people and to reap the benefits of that relationship in prayer and peace.

Loving the Enemy | Matthew 5:43-48

A look at Jesus’ radical call to loving not only neighbours we love but also those who hate us and persecute our faith. We do this not simply because Christ commands it but because God embodies the love of enemies which can be seen through sunshine, rain and most clearly at the cross. Although it may seem like an impossible task to love and pray for one’s enemies God gives the grace through the Holy Spirit to obey him.

Advent Series Part 3 | Welcoming Jesus | Luke 2:36-38

If you had prayed for something for a very long time and you finally got to see the answer to your prayer, what or how would you react? Anna was a very old lady when she got to meet baby Jesus, but she knew he was going to be more then a baby. (Note – Pastor Walter Mathes gave the 2nd Devotional Message – Jesus is a beautiful gift to us.)

Advent Series Part II | Anticipation | Luke 2:21-38

Years ago there was a commercial about a kid pouring Ketchup out of a bottle onto a plate of fries and it takes forever for the ketchup to come out, but the kid waits very patiently, because in the end he gets rewarded. Can we wait? Patience? Or does anxiety creep in? Today we get a look at what Jesus’ parents would have to go through, and a man who had been waiting for the arrival of the Messiah. It’s all about Anticipation.

Foundations in Discipleship & Church Life Part VIII | Exalting the Father

Adapted from Sonlife ‘Foundations’ Seminar – How much did your dad influence you? Do you carry some of his characteristics and traits into your adult life? I am sure we do. Some are good while others may be viewed as bad habits that we don’t like. Jesus lived and spoke exactly as he saw and heard his Father engaging our world, and it stands to reason that if Jesus lived that way so should we.

Advent Series Part 1 | Waiting for Joy | John 16:16-22

Ever been lost? Are you one to go ask for help or do you keep trying to find your own way out? It can be challenging for many of us, but being left alone is not always the best feeling no matter how tough we might think we are. The disciples are starting to reel with the impact that Jesus is about to leave them – they may or may not realize it means Jesus is going to die, it doesn’t matter, Jesus is leaving and they think they will be left alone.

Jesus the Living Word Part 45 | Holy Spirit’s Presence in our Lives | John 16:1-15

Saying goodbye to those you love can be very hard at the best of times. But what if you could say goodbye and yet leave a token of your relationship behind? Would that change things? That’s exactly what Jesus is doing here. He is leaving the disciples but gives a promise of the Holy Spirit and mirror image of the Son and the Father to abide with them and also with us. What a gift!

Foundations in Discipleship and Church Life Part VII – Obedient Living

(Adapted from Sonlife’s Foundations) What was it like for you to grow up? Was obedience easy or hard for you? We can have wide and varied responses, right? But Jesus modeled, taught and lived out a life of obedience to the Father. In so doing he was giving us all a picture of how to live life the way it was meant to be lived.