Foundations in Discipleship and Church Life

Foundations in Discipleship and Church Life Part 2 | Praying From Your Heart

Have you ever created a map of your heart? Who and what do you love? Jesus taught us to pray through a prayer. Today, we will reflect on what is in our hearts and pray about it using His model.

Mini Sacred Assembly

Mini Sacred Assembly | Sunday, January 29th

Join us Sun., Jan. 29th, 6:00 PM for a Mini Sacred Assembly. A night of Worship, Prayers (Listening/Prophetic), Sharing & Reading of Scriptures, and seeing where the Holy Spirit will lead us!

When God Seems Far Away

Have you ever had times in your life when God seemed distant? You pray and there is no answer. You read the Bible, but it doesn’t speak to you. The Psalmist David wondered if God had quit being on his side. Yet he wrote Psalm 13 that challenges us to be honest with God or ‘how to gripe in the Spirit’. And to trust in God’s Faithfulness.

Jesus the Living Word

Jesus the Living Word Part 15 – Healing Words – John 4.43-54

None of us like to go through trials, pain or suffering. For most of us, we would avoid it if we could. But life is not like that and we meet crises and they can knock us down. Do we run to God with our concern and requests for His intervention in our time of need? How will our faith be affected? Will we place more on how God answers the request or lock it into the character and the power of God’s Word? Today we will see such a situation unfold.


As children we are taught to always say please and thank you, but it is often easy to forget this when praying.
This message reminds us of the importance of saying thank you to God and recognizing His goodness through praise. Prayers of thanks are pleasing to God all the time, and we truly have so much to be thankful for.

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