Body of Christ Sermon Corinthians

Body of Christ Sermon Corinthians

I Cor. 12: 12 – 31

The human body is a most amazing creation that God put together. And when you look at it and see all the detail and one of this and two of that, and why did we get 10 fingers and toes, it is something to behold. And nothing is worse when we experience an injury and our body tries to compensate for the hurt or injury.

We may miss that parts ability to function for a long time, and our grateful when it gets back to normal. So too with the body of Christ and their ability to use the gifts God has given them. If someone chooses not to serve, it affects the rest of us. If someone leaves and can’t function we miss them. Today’s lesson will change us to think about our attitudes and actions when it comes to using our gifts and in servanthood …

Sermon Outline | Worksheet in .PDF (references mentioned in the sermon are in here – including links)

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