Sermon Time to Grow Up | photo:

Sermon Time to Grow Up | photo:

Time to Grow Up!| Corinthians Part 4

by Tim Walker
I Cor. 3: 1 – 4

We often can say to kids, Grow Up wont you! usually we are frustrated and feel that the actions or attitude of the kid is not what it should be. Paul has to say this to the prideful Corinthian believers, they were thinking they were something and Paul says, Nope, your all acting like babies.

Babies that had made choices to not grow up spiritually, for some people they could be a spiritual struggler or they could be someone who has chosen to drift in their walk. So for the drifter this is a warning, for the struggler hope. The reality is we are invited to grow and mature in our walk, for our benefit but for the affect on those around us…

Sermon Worksheet/Outline Time to Grow Up in .PDF

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