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Jesus My Rock photo: creationswap.comSERMON: Viva the Jesus Revolution Part 2 by Tim Walker Colossians 3: 16, 17

As Believers we live under a spot light of meeting the expectations of those around us, who expect us to live a certain way. Our faith can be easy or hard, but no matter, the Lord wants us our witness to be evidenced with our actions foremost and as well with our words.  So today the text will challenge us in how to develop our inner life so that it can be evident in how we live where ever we are.

NOTE: There was a buzz on the first 3 min or so in the live recording, therefore Tim graciously re-recorded it (the first portion) however the quality of the digital recorder is different than that on the sound board… but it’s only for the first few min… after that it’s our regular quality of recording:


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