Walking-as-Jesus-Walked-Sermon-Series | photo: CreationSwap.com

Walking as Jesus Walked  1 John 2: 6

Part one – adapted from Dann Spaders “Walking as Jesus Walked”


If you have ever watch the tv show Undercover Boss, it can be a very insightful look at the workplace seen through the eyes of the owner or top boss of the company. But they see the work place from the eyes of a regular worker, and it can provide great insight and good feedback to the company as a whole. What if for one day, we allowed the heart of Jesus to help govern our day – Max Lucado pens this question. What kind of changes could take place in us – more forgiving, compassion, purity… this new study is an attempt to discover how Jesus lived and moved among us and can we do the same, the answer is Yes…



Sermon Worksheet | Outline in .PDF

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